Collection: Sublimation Transfers

Requirements for Sublimation Application

- At least 65% or higher polyester garment or coated substrate
- Applied to Light colored items only
- Must be pressed with a heat press

Portions of the design that are WHITE will NOT be printed, revealing the underlying substrate color. Upon pressing, the color of the shirt will become visible in these areas.

Sublimation transfers are suitable for items with a high polyester content or those coated for sublimation. Additionally, the items should be lighter in color, with the ink being darker than the item's color for optimal visibility. We recommend garments with at least 65% polyester content for the best results.

The necessity of providing a print-ready file, opting for the file preparation service, or contacting us before placing an order for a custom design. Failure to select the correct option may result in additional design fees for order completion.

Sheet sizes we offer:

8.5 x 11 inch click for template

13 x 19 inch click for template

Gang sheets are possible, allowing us to print anything that fits on the sheet. Please ensure a minimum 1/2-inch border around the design to guarantee proper printing of your entire design.

File Format Information (PDF or High-Quality Image Preferred):

Print Ready - Your submitted file will be reproduced precisely as uploaded. Choose this option if your file matches the selected sheet size and your design is accurately scaled within the file. The final product will be mirrored during printing to ensure correct readability upon pressing. Do Not Mirror your design before uploading; submit it in the orientation you desire on the finished product. If you provide a screenshot of a design on a t-shirt, the transfer will encompass the entire screenshot, not just the specific design. Screenshots and photo-of-photo do not print well and are not recommended.


Pressing Instructions:

For shirts, we suggest using a temperature of 375° for 60 seconds. Use a heat press with light pressure for optimal results. An iron WILL NOT WORK for pressing sublimation.

For other substrates, refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for recommended times and temperatures.




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We are not liable for printing errors arising from grammatical mistakes, blurry images due to low-quality files, or any other issues resulting from the provided file.